What we do

At Shiho-Shoshi Hojin Osada, we coordinate with various experts to handle inheritance issues.


What we do

Estate planning (wills, gifts inter vivos)

Inheritance procedures (division of assets, bank procedures, changing real estate and vehicle registration records, obtaining family registration records (koseki), etc.)

Preparing for the Golden Years (wills and trusts)

Other (Incorporations, drafting contracts, translations of legal documents, certified translations)


Consultation in English

Mihoko is able to help English speakers in Izu and Tokyo.

She is also able to help with J -> E or E ->J translations of legal documents.

Certified translations are also available.

Feel free to contact her for a free consultation by email.


Our Offices:

・Main Office: 280-1 Inatori, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka prefecture, 413-0411

・Izukogen brunch: 1140-9 Yawatano, Ito-city, Shizuoka prefecture, 413-0232


Mihoko Greenwood

Born and raised in Shizuoka. Studied psychology at Meiji Gakuin university in Tokyo.

An avid Ashtanga yoga practitioner, she traveled alone to Mysore, India in 2018 to further her practice.

She spends her time between Izu and Tokyo.